A Procedural Soulslike Role-Playing Game for 1 to 6 Undying.
A set of playsheets to play Forgotten Ballad in the Role VTT​.
This is a set of mechanics for playing or creating a d20+d6 role-playing game without corporate attachments.
A game of incredible and fallible characters, the way they approach the world around them, and the burdens they carry.
A Solarpunk Hack of Lasers & Feelings About Community and Caring
A Solo or GM-agnostic tool for creating scenes using a six-sided die and a tarot deck
You are a Spellblade, and the power you wield will be your demise.
A solo game about undertaking a coming-of-age journey through the ruins of humanity Guided by Firelights.
A High Fantasy Solarpunk setting for fantasypunk or any other game
This is a free a database of resources for TTRPG creators. Occasionally, donations accepted.
A hopeless game about Giant Metal Bodies doing war.
A journaling game about Making impossible futures possible.
A micro setting of weird and perhaps pointless fantasy.
Princess of Pain // Princesses in Pain - tales of Sword and Sorcery written in glitter and blood
A narrative system for generating number stats based on prompts.
Additional rules to extend Cezar Capacle's PUSH SRD
A list of articles, games, resources and blogs involving safety tools and their application in TTRPG games.
A set of playsheets to play Noctis Labyrinth​ in the Role VTT.
A set of playsheets to play Nibiru​ in the Role VTT​.
A set of playsheets to play Apocalypse Keys​ in the Role VTT.
Links to collections I keep, and even collections by other itch creators!
Narrative-Driven Adventures for Passionate Role Players
A newsletter about new projects, interesting games and what not.
Be you, draw power from the irl moon and bond with the elements in a Solarpunk alternate future
What will your garden provide?
A Belonging Outside Belonging game in a Solarpunk future.
A minimalist system for resolving challenges in any setting.

Safety Tools and Wellbeing for TTRPG

Some cool things you can pick to use at your table for safer games. Did I miss any safety tools? Feel free to contact me on Twitter or leave a comment on the curated list of safety tools page .

What if there was a game like D&D but not by a Racist Corp

A list of games for people who want to play dragon game-esque games. A lot of these do the dragon game better than it does itself. Some are more tactical, some more narrative, some more exploratory, some more crunchy, some less, and there's...

Recommendations for COSMIC Free TTRPG Mechanics

Supplemental rules, modules, MOSAIC/CERAMIC Sctrict and other thinks you can use to kitbash these rules into something more specific to your table. Also: Nested Monster Hit Dice - rules for expanding the Challenges section.

Role Playsheets

Assets - Art and Music

Assets - Publishing and Writing

Princess Games

What is to be said? Role-Playing Games with princess in the forefront!