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When the Earthes shattered, ripples of its tragedy generated enough force to blur the Realm Frontiers.

The Principalities were thrown in disarray across all Wavelengths, forcing their Princesses to gather in the Infinite Halls to devise ways to stabilize the all-new Overlapping Realms.


Princess // Pain is a game about Princesses of any gender who traverse the Wavelengths of reality in order to reduce the fallout caused by Realms overlapping.

The main themes of this game are:

  • science fantasy;
  • planar travel;
  • science as magic and vice-versa;
  • uncertain odds;
  • refugees and survivors of large-scale disasters;
  • the loss of whole worlds.

Princess // Pain is not a game of power fantasies, hyper-capitalist worship, and white-saviourism. It is, however, a game about individuals who cannot solve every problem and will probably not solve most of them but know that trying is the bare minimum they can do.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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