A downloadable game

A bunch of TTRPG assetc for creating your games on a database with a filter to help you find the stuff you are looking for.

If you'd like to add someting to it that can be used to create ttrpgs, from layout templates to SRDs, slap a link in the comments.

If you'd like to offer support anyhow, just check my other games!

DISCLAIMER: Donations closed until I clear through the hours the community has afforded me. Thank you!

You can use the Support this Effort reward to make a donation or click the DEMO button to access it for free.

I will not stop adding items to it or doing any necessary work I have planned, with or without donations, for the foreseeable future. But seeing your donations will help me gauge interest and focus work on it.


TTRPG Creator Resources Database - Free Access

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Really cool list,

I’ve been using this one for a bit to help me with my NPC groups: saga.quest


Thanks for all the hard work!

Thank you for the appreciation!!!


This is absolutely wild!

A truly phenomenal resource. 

I'm overwhelmed with just how incredible this is! Thank you x



Let me know if it useful in your projects at all :)


Absolutely will do! I just can't get over how awesome this is. I can't thank you enough!

Is this done with Notion? It seems so, but it’s not indicated.

Yes it is! So far it was the easiest workable free alternative, although I’d much prefer something open source and not corporate if I could find it.


Have you heard of Obsidian.md? It’s not open source but it has hundreds of powerful plugins that are and give them much more power and versatility than Notion, as of today. Check the Canvas, DB folders, Projects, Dataview plugins and many others, or the ones related to playing TTRPG within Obsidian (check Josh Plunkett’s YT channel in this regard).

Yes! I use obsidian a lot, but not for publishing. I will look into those options sometime soon, I'll add this to the checklist.

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Hi, this one looks like it's not available anymore:


EDIT: I see now it's described as "in maintenance"


Ah yes! It was off line but had a “we’ll be back soon” message when I added it. It is a real shame coz it was one of the best pages on layout out there.


Nice idea. "TABLOO" is a free interactive Table Design and formatting tool for RPG Designers and GameMasters. Click the HELP button to see how it works.


Added! Thank you!

That was quick! Cheers!


Article that may be of use:  TTRPG Design 101

Awesome! I’ve added it to th DB!

another thing to add: https://luciellaes.itch.io/rider-waite-smith-tarot-cards-cc0


May made this: https://naiveheart.itch.io/free-resources
There are tons of things there that can be added ^^



pffff, eu nem lembro mais quem é quem na real hahaha


This is so great!

I have an annotated archives that may have some resources you can add to this database!

Game Design - Liminal Horror (goblinarchives.github.io)


awesome!!! I'll look into that soon

alright! I am adding the page AND the individual items in it :)


This sounds rad! I'll see what I can add.


Incredibly useful, thank you for your time and your work on this!


This is so cool and helpful! thanks for putting together these resources!


https://bardcommune.com/ provides a complete mentoring programme for anyone in the ttrpg industry. You can sign up for a free taster session.  

Awesome! I'll throw that in later!


An excellent collection of tools and resources.